Do you need to secure your data and business with enterprise grade protection?



Do you need to collaborate and work with co-workers, prospects, and customers in real-time?



Do you need to access your data and work from anywhere or on any device?



Do you need to reduce your short-term IT costs to prepare for the future?

Is This You?

* Do you and your employees need more tools to be productive and efficient?
* Do you continually spend time and money on the newest version of Microsoft Office and install updates every month YOURSELF?
* Do you currently have an in-house Exchange Server that handles your company’s email?
* Do you have limitations where you can work, what device you can work from and time limitations when you can get work done?
* Do you constantly have problems trying to find the most up-to-date document you have been working on from a different device?

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What Our Clients Have To Say…

  • Tom Germeroth
    “The greatest benefit since moving Office 365 is the complete access to my system, as if I were in my office.”

    It allows me to access important documents at all times, whether at home, on the road, or in Court. As I recently started digitizing/scanning most incoming documents, I have access to nearly the entire contents of my files at all times.

  • Steve Campbell
    “Email is always in sync between our computers and phones”

    The primary benefit of Office 365 is having our Outlook email sync between computers and cell phones.

  • Ed Vaughan
    “No matter the device, we can stay connected 24/7”

    Our biggest benefit is consistency in using Outlook/Exchange as email and calendar. Even with a couple of avid Apple device users and using iPhones across the board we are slowly getting to a consistent state.

  • Sue Nahmensen
    “We always have the most current versions of Office”

    The biggest benefit to our organization in moving to Office 365 is that we will now consistently have the most current versions of the office programs we use in our work at an extremely reasonable fee.


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